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The Taikunedo ® (the flowing force) Kung Fu Self Defense System (TAKD) was developed in 1702 in the Chinese province of Honan of former soldiers of the Imperial Army. 1860 Taikunedo ® Kung Fu was self-defense system of the State Minister Yeung Lee and Charles R. Pohle world traveler who visited the province of Honan together, studied and passed on to Europe. From 1975, the Taikunedo ® Kung Fu Self Defense System by Dr. Klaus G. Kruse and Prof. Dr. sc oec. Dr. h. c. Helmut Pohle greatly simplified entkommerzialisiert and updated with modern elements of Jeet Kune Do, MNK army (military combat) and effective judo techniques. With the turn of the Central Association was moved to Chile and fused with new, international martial arts associations. From 1975 together with Klaus Pohle modified G. Kruse part of the military special forces for close combat the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSSD) and published this style of fighting from 1991 (Taikunedo ® = fluid forces). Prof. Dr. sc oec. Dr. h. c. Helmut Pohle 1975 was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit (VVO) of the GDR in bronze. In 1993 he gave up the chairmanship of the Martial Arts Association to his nephew PD Meijin-Renshi St. Pohle.

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Taikunedo®, the martial arts developed in China in 1702 Came back shortly after your development Oblivion, until 1860 the world traveler Colonel Charles Pohle the martial arts Europe. 1975 became the time-honored art Of the fight of Prof. Dr. Dr. … Continue reading

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